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(PUBLICIDAD) FashionMia: Dresses and one piece swimsuits

Hello readers!

FashionMia it's a website where you can find all kinds of clothes for every season. Their website is filled with the hottest trends, what amazed me is that they have plus size! So every woman can enjoy fashion! Being a woman that has a very hard time to find clothes makes this site wonderful because I don’t need to spend a lot of money to look great. 
FashionMia offers a great selection of categories as follows:
  • Dresses: You can find all kind of dresses for women like: lace dresses, floral dresses, white maxi dresses, etc.
  • Outerwear: Are you in a country where weather is still cold? Hoodies, coats, blazers, jackets are in this section. 
  • Beachwear: Everything you need to go to the beach! Bikini,swimwear or sexy one piece swimsuits.
  • Bottoms: All kinds of rompers, pants, skirts you can find here.
  • Tops: Basic pieces like plus size tops, T-shirts, blouses, and more

We're close to summer so you must want fresh clothes to wear like cute dresses for women and one piece swimsuits.

Some examples that I found:

12 ,3

12 , 3

If you're concern about the sizes you can check out the size chart.

 Also they hay one size, which means that it's a a medium size design to fit the majority of customers. But consider that sizes references are from china so Medium must be small in USA.


Fashionmia have paypal as a payment method so I think that mustn't be a problem. You can choose between Paypal, credit card and others.


They ship worldwide and offer DHL, EMS or TMS as carriers. So you can track your packages. Though you must consider shipping costs because it depends from the country you live.
You can choose between expedited shipping: It will take 7-8 working days to arrive or Super Savings: It will take 10-20 working days .

Order Number and Tracking:

If you create an account on the site, you can have an order number and track your package. This is great for people who likes to keep an eye to their packages.

 I really liked this website. They’ve shoes, accessories, dresses, tops, cardigans, etc.  I think you should take a look. You would not regret it!

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